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Financial business plan designed for early-stage startups. Prepare your new business venture for fund raising and attract investors.
The investors evaluate the ROI (Return of Investment) and the yield your company may produce within a few years.

The business plan is based on your current company’s valuation and your potential ROI.

It is not an exact science, but a healthy business plan shall present your startup with realistic milestones of development to reach this projected return on investments. This way, they will be able to predict financial growth for your startup.

Ultimately, it is your (the startup owners) responsibility to present a realistic but aggressive business plan to potential investors to persuade them to invest valued resources in your company.

Our experts will explore your current assets, development costs and potential financial growth and create a comprehensive business plan for your startup.

Idea/Pre-seed Seed Round A
Friends & Family Angles Governmental Fund Incubators Micro VCs Governmental Fund VC’s Crowd Funding Governmental Funds
Up to $200K Up to $5,000K Up to $10,000K


* Accelerators sometimes invest in startups

* Banks are an option

* There are no rules! The above table illustrates common processes. Investors of different profiles may choose to invest in untypical stages, as well as the investment scope.